Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the filter?

Generally, the filter is located in the ceiling mounted return air grille or behind the grille if there is a wall mounted low level return air grille.

Is the filter easy to install?

Yes, the Healtheair disposable filter is designed to fit into existing return air grilles and can be fitted by any handy person.

How often should I change my air conditioner filter?

Please see How often should I change my air conditioner filter

What is G4

G4: Manufactured to European standard EN779:2012

These ratings are determined by adding particles of varying sizes, from .3 microns to 10 microns, into a controlled testing environment. The particles are added upstream of the test filter and a laser particle counter samples the air before it enters the filter and again after it leaves the filter. The two particle counts are compared to calculate the Particle Size Efficiency of the tested filter. Once this is determined, a Parameters chart is used to determine the filters rating.

Can I wash or vacuum the filter?

Please see Cleaning vs Disposable filters.

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