Cleaning vs Disposable Filters

Washable air filters come with some major drawbacks.

Vacuuming will damage the media leaving holes or tears in the filter material and providing no protection for you or the system.

The filter can attract mould.

Washing the media may visually seem effective but does not clear it of grease and grime which builds up in the filter pads. When you wash these filters, they’ll take a long time to dry. If they are re-installed while they’re still damp, they may develop fungi that your HVAC system can blow throughout your home or office.

Tear in the standard filter
Tear in the standard filter

Not an industry rated filter.

Pad and panel filters are commonly known in the industry as “ROCK CATCHERS” due to the very porous nature of the medium. Large and small particles will pass through the medium and settle in the ducting, on the indoor coil and will recirculate back into our living environment.

There is a health risk associated with non-rated air filters.

Maintenance is a pain.

Once you’ve washed the filters you’re not supposed to simply dump the water out. That water was exposed to bacteria and other particulates, it’s considered a wastewater hazard and should be disposed of appropriately — creating extra work for you.

They cost more than a disposable filter.

When you consider all the aspects associated in cleaning, the health benefits and protection for the system, you’re paying more for a filter that requires a lot of maintenance. This means it would make sense to have the healtheair disposable high efficiency filter.

Dirty clogged standard filter
Dirty clogged standard filter


  • The compressor works harder using more energy
  • Air flow into the building is reduced
  • Excessive pollutants can build up inside the duct system, leading to mould or allergen problems
  • The indoor coil can get restricted, reducing system effectiveness and can lead to costly repairs
  • Dirt accumulates on the fan blades
  • Frost can build up on the cooling coil, which reduces or can block airflow to the air conditioning system
  • In extreme cases the filter can be sucked out of position and into the blower assembly where the blower fan can jam, overheat and run the risk of fire in the equipment


The benefits of using the healtheair filter.

Better for your health:

  • Catches more pollutants – LARGE AND SMALL
  • Better indoor air quality – less recirculation of pollutants
  • More hygienic – no more cleaning
  • Living environment is cleaner and the air easier to breathe

Better for your system:

  • Energy saving, fan motors and compressor will not have to work as hard
  • Better air flows
  • Optimal operational efficiency
  • Prolong the life of the air conditioner unit
  • Helps maintain cleaner ducts
Healtheair V-Pleat Filter
Healtheair V-Pleat Filter

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