About Healtheair

Healtheair was founded in 2013 and has positioned itself as a unique filter supplier to the residential and commercial HVAC industry.

The main focus and passion is to improve the air quality in which people live and work by offering a better, cleaner and affordable filter solution.

Managing director Ross Seminara has been involved in the industry for 40 years. “I saw a need in the residential and commercial market where better air filtration was long overdue,” he said.

Traditional washable pad and panel filters have not changed for many decades and are still being used today without much thought as to the damage caused to our health and to the air conditioning system. These washable filters (commonly referred to as ROCK CATCHERS) are not designed for the collection of tiny particles, they also harbour bacteria and recirculate asthma causing allergens.

“In my early years as a technician I can confidently say that, the major cause of system problems and breakdowns was a dirty blocked filter. Unfortunately, people simply forget to clean the filter, out of sight – out of mind” he said. Healtheair has partnered with AFPRO FLTERS (Australia) Pty Ltd in solving this problem.

Our mission is to create awareness of the down side of poor air filtration and introduce the real benefits of the NEW high efficiency V-pleat disposable filter.

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